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Jack Estlow, Jr.
1925 - 2010



A Remembrance
Back in the late forties, when I was a kid of about eight, I remember hearing my father talking glowingly of “Jack Estlow,” something my father seldom did. As it turned out 'Jack' regularly volunteered to play taps at the National Cemetery on Lee Street.

As fate would have it, I was sixteen before N.H. Boswell introduced me to Jack. It was none too soon either, I was at a very difficult time in my life and I needed a friend, a father figure, and a brother all rolled into one, and Jack filled the bill.

Ever since then he has been a true friend; I can honestly say he helped me reach adulthood without killing myself.

Jack and John were alike in so many ways, they had a 'father and son' relationship that was the envy of everyone who knew them. With them both gone now, the world is diminished for those of us who were so fortunate to have known them.

Thanks Jack, for the value you added to my life—I miss you already, 'Ole Buddy,'




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